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Goin’ Out West

Posted by nuytsia on December 1, 2009

Artist – Tom Waits

Know I haven’t posted much of late, and goodness knows I shouldn’t post this either as I really don’t have the time, but I felt the need to share this…

Psednura species?I’m presently very much out and about searching for Rhamnaceae and threatened species going to seed.

This led to me heading out to Tassie’s wild and soggy west this weekend, with a willing accomplice (read victim) to confirm various records from the Natural Values Atlas.

Sunday evening found us seeking shelter and sustenance in a little pub out in the wilds of western Tasmania.

After eyeing the menu, the large craggy barmaid told us it was roast or nothing, so with the choice made easy all we had to do was decide on drinks.

But what to have?
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Garden of Delight

Posted by nuytsia on August 20, 2009

Artist – The Mission

Well as some of you may know or have guessed I have been to China.
Chinese Mosaic

I’m slowly wading through more photographs than I know what to do with. In amongst that I’ve been busily giving talks and interviews and writing reports and editing webpages and preparing for a two week field trip to Macquarie Island and trying to do my job.
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The Door To This House Remains Open

Posted by nuytsia on June 21, 2009

Artist – Super Furry Animals

P6054792xNuytsia currently has a temporary house guest. This little cutey is called Nimbus and she’s been keeping me company for the last two weeks.

In rather lucky coincidence I came across this article at Scientific American looking at the origins of the cat. Recent research has closed in where it happened and speculates when and why it took place. It’s very interesting and well worth a read.

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Need to Know

Posted by nuytsia on June 5, 2009

Artist – Jesus Jones

A really interesting post over at Evolving Thoughts on a new paper  (I  can’t access it sadly) looking at culture development in humans – when did it happen, why did it happen?

Do go over read. Quite a bit to ponder on in regards to the fragility of knowledge.

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Stormy Weather

Posted by nuytsia on May 1, 2009

Artist – Pixies

Okay. Further to last nights conversation here’s the ad from “The National Organization for Marriage” an organisation protecting marriage from… well gay people who threaten it by….. well never you mind how they’re threatening it, they just are…. and they are scary…. just look at these scared people… they’re really scared…. OMG!

Amazingly these terrified people might not be all that scared!
No, really!

Goodness me. Could it be that Don Larsen can put away his tinfoil hat?

Thankfully Stephen Colbert (linky) decided to rub salt into these imaginary wounds.
Enjoy! :-)  (note: the 700 club is talk show on a US evangelical channel)

To make some contact with reality see this!

Bloddy hell, it just gets worse.
Here’s the new NOM ad.

Your child could be forced into new ways of thinking!!!
The horror!
The horror!

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By Any Means Necessary

Posted by nuytsia on April 22, 2009

Artist – Goldie Lookin’ Chain

Am lovin’ this!:-)

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Emotional Weather Report

Posted by nuytsia on March 20, 2009

Artist – Tom Waits

This is superb!

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Here’s Where the Story Ends

Posted by nuytsia on November 14, 2008

Artist – The Sundays

This is such a very cool video!

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Drink the Elixir

Posted by nuytsia on June 9, 2008

Artist – Salad

Winter's WarmerWell winter is here and what better way to be prepared than to have some sloe gin on hand?

As I mentioned previously the lovely Mr M dropped off a large bag of sloes for me back in Feb and after three good months of steeping I decided that it was time to decant.

Ruby redIt looks pretty good (a lovely ruby red), smells lovely and this batch seems to have a pronounced almond element to it, which is rather nice. I’m thinking I’ve left this to steep a bit longer than usual but I can’t really recall what I’ve done in previous years now.

I did notice the sloes were looking rather more shrivelled than usual and this might explain why this feels slightly thinner that other batches? Drawing more water out of the sloes? Not sure? Might be the vodka? Read the rest of this entry »

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I Know I’ve Been Changed

Posted by nuytsia on May 31, 2008

Artist – John Hammond, Jr.

Fairy LanternsHello. Well I seem to be on the mend and the jaw is slowly regaining movement. I’m now able to open my mouth about 2cm so I’m able to eat more than just soup.😉

Work is still a bit slow and I still feel a bit weary and am sleeping rather heavily but overall I feel far more alert than I have in the last fortnight. It’s all good.

As I haven’t blogged in a while I’ll just quickly mention that I went camping up in the Northeast of Tasmania about a month or so back and had a very nice weekend. Photo’s can be seen here.

I very nearly photographed a platypus that weekend. I found a perfect stretch of water, set my tripod up and sat and waited. About forty minutes later a platypus appeared… almost along side me, but sadly not upstream where the camera was pointed.😦 Hopeless animal! Read the rest of this entry »

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